Your Perspective Is Not Unique

Want to start writing a blog? Want to become a YouTube creator? Immediately, you will find someone who is all nice and helpful and tells you that you absolutely should.

After all, you are your own unique person. Therefore, you have your own unique perspective. And you should share it!

Here’s the hard truth: Much, MUCH more likely than not, nobody is going to care about your perspective.

And for good reason. For the vast majority of things, your perspective will not be unique, it will just be average.

All too often, it’s only the cult of individualism – and increasingly, it seems, of ignorance – that gets people to think that everyone is unique and worthy of being heard.

On average, most of us are average, though.

Deal with it.

And here’s the other side that helps deal: Your average perspective on things, your peculiar – and probably, still pretty average – experiences may still be quite interesting.

Don’t shy away from sharing them if you want to.

Just don’t think they are unique in any way.

Let alone think they must be heard.

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