The Success of the Average

We keep being inundated by the examples that are outstanding.

Of course we would be.

The alpha animals of our packs have always been the noticeable ones, or they wouldn’t have been the alphas.

Nobody is good at everything, though. The shiny high-gloss images of perfect lives aren’t real.

We know that, but we miss that they don’t even mean success, necessarily.

Success isn’t one win.

Not in the lottery, not in the entrepreneurial sweepstakes.

It’s a life well-lived, over most of its course. Maybe all of it, even and especially through the bad patches.

For a life well-lived, you need many wins, in many places – and most of those will not be outstanding, but just ordinary. Average. And good.

Hell, especially in the world of outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, just simply getting enough sleep to function like a normal human being can be a win.
Not destroying one’s health forever in pursuit of a small breakthrough now.
Having a personal life, not just a job.

Or having a job when the alternative would be living under the bridge without a family that is getting fed by you…

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