Leave Moments “Empty”

Scheduling everything to make sure it’s done is a majorly popular piece of advice.
The Yin-Yang twin of that idea: Fill every single piece of downtime with something to do.

Just imagine how much language learning you could do! How many of the 10,000 hours of practice to mastery you could get in, all the times you are waiting in line somewhere!

It’s the same kind of inhumane thinking that produces studies on the losses companies have from employees checking social media feeds, taking breaks, hell, even going to the toilet.
Imagine all the sales that could be done while people thought they had to step out! The loss of productivity while you had to pee!

Meanwhile, it’s not just the much heralded creativity that requires empty downtime. Time that gives the subconscious parts of our minds chances to draw connections.

Daydreams, relaxation, space for thinking, they are simply human.

Not everything has to be scheduled and utilized to the fullest.

Sometimes, the best way to utilize time is to just be there, drifted off into thought. Or a nap.

Not counting on every single moment to be productive and have results that are concrete.

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