Goal: Life

Life goals all well and good, but what if they are more of a ruse to feel unworthy than a reason to get up in the morning?

If you are in a privileged position and think you can change the world, all the more power to you – although maybe you should remember that horrific things came out of such people’s dreams, too.

If you are an average person with some dreams, and they motivate you to work hard, to gain a degree, to establish a business, to learn more and help people, then there is little to be said against that.

But do consider that maybe, probably, one of the best goals in life is just to live.

To stay healthy,
to have some handle on your situation,
to live in a functional relationship and have friendships,
to earn enough and not spend too much,
to have some fun and not destroy things in the process,
to feel of purpose and feel like a decent person…

…that’s not a horrific lack of ambition.

That may be the goal in life that you should focus on.

The better goal than life goals.

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