Know Your Number

And no, I don’t mean if you’re a 5 or a 10.\

I mean your phone number.

And other’s.

Just think about it.

It used to be one of the very basic of “skills” children were taught that they should know their address… and now, we live in this age of the smartphone. Supposedly, even in the information/knowledge society.

But, we ourselves don’t even know our own phone numbers. Those of our partner. Family. Let alone any friends.

We love to immediately justify it, claim that we don’t need to and that it is progress that we can outsource that memory to something else.
It’s not as if we used that supposedly free space (which is also a misunderstanding of how memory works, anyways) for anything sensible.

Neither is it true that we never need to know things by heart, just know them.

Technology fails, and the more stable it gets, the worse it becomes when it fails while we cannot rely on our own memory and skills – but that is a different story again, and a much wider one.

For now, just try to remember a few numbers yourself.

You’ll appreciate it when you need them, and you’ll get better at it with time and practice.

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