Don’t Listen To Your (Online) Feelings.

It should be obvious in this age of outrage-fueled social media. Unfortunately, it is also a time of personal truths.

The personal truths that aren’t things we learn or feel about ourselves.
“Personal truths” that are just what people say when they get annoyed with criticism or plain facts:

“Maybe you don’t think so, but it is *my* truth.”

F*ck off, there is nothing that must be true only because you told it so. Well, okay, your feelings are actually different.

If you feel pain, you feel pain and nobody should doubt it.
If you are depressed, it doesn’t matter what your circumstances seem to be to anyone else.
“You should be happy” certainly doesn’t cut it when you aren’t.

You should still be dubious of your feelings.

When you read something that immediately raises your ire, when you hear of something that you *just* sincerely doubt, let alone when you see something that you must comment on and share IMMEDIATELY…?

Then stop.

Take a deep breath. Then take a few more.

Your feeling that this must be wrong, that you must be outraged?
It’s probably wrong.

And even if it should turn out to be right, it will only profit from having thought it over.

So, think it over. Don’t listen to those feelings.

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