There’s Magic in Beginning. And Misery.

The (supposed) Goethe quote that beginnings are imbued with a magic and power is a nice one.

Certainly you’ve felt it too; how good it feels to get started.

If everything is going well and you get going nicely, it’s great.
Once you finally get from a planning stage to action, it feels good.
Even overcoming procrastination and finally taking a step is magical.

Nowadays, and probably not just nowadays but especially so, beginnings are also marked with misery, though.

You get started, and things quickly fall into a trot. If you are lucky.
And then they are not magical anymore, they are work. A grind.

And you still need to go on if you want to get anywhere.

If the things you started are in the public eye – and many a work nowadays is online, hence public – the misery multiplies.
You start out vlogging, blogging or as a photographer or podcaster, you will get feedback.

It may be that you just get ignored. It’s feedback of a kind, and not exactly motivational.
If may be that you get comments, and at least some of them are going to be negative. Even less magical.

And you still need to go on if you want to get anywhere.

So, you’d better be prepared.

Get ready for the magic to be gone fast, and the grind to be there.

And go on if you want to get anywhere.

Learn from feedback that contains anything useful to learn.
Leave the feedback that is just the trolling of people who haven’t even started.

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