Live Your Life, Not Someone Else’s Schedule

Of course we would be fascinated by successful people’s schedules and habits and … even the things they eat.

Examples, Not Blueprints

We are social primates, after all. As such, it’s monkey-see-monkey-do, especially when we see what is being done by high-status individuals.

Our food habits are shaped by the elite. Our clothing is influenced by the rich and fancy.
Of course we would also seek to emulate those we think are better than us in terms of their routines and habits. Maybe something of their greatness could rub off on us…

Problem is just that we are not being ourselves when we do that. We tend to just follow the fascination of more and more examples, maybe try to actually follow one or the other of their habits, but won’t likely get anywhere far with it.

How would we, when such habits and schedules are parts of somebody else’s whole life, circumstances and conditions, personality and purpose alike?

Make It Your Own

If you really believe that you have anything to offer because of who you are and what your perspective on certain things is, then you need to live your own life, establish your own routines, instead.

Even if you do not believe that – and you probably shouldn’t, if you want to be unhacked 😉 – you should remember to live your own life.

Another person’s schedule may be a nice inspiration to try out something, but often just ends up being a distraction.

Meanwhile, you just need to live.

They came to their schedules by chance, their success through work and good luck – and you’d better just live and work. Including on and to your own schedule and habits, if that is how you want to do it.

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