The Perfect Schedule: Make Time

Make Time

Supposedly, if you want to get something done, you have to put it on your schedule.
If you schedule everything about your life, you will get on with it.

The Problem

If you are a 30-something single sociopath with a one-track mind on ADHD medication, I am pretty sure it will work for you.
If you are so busy with everything everybody else asks of you that you never find any time for yourself, you may have to carve out some time like that, sure.

In most cases, though, chances are that you constantly have interruptions.

A partner really needing you, children wanting your attention, some work the time of which has come – you’ll better not shoot everything down because something else is on your schedule right now.

You need to set priorities, but the priorities will not always be yours alone.

“Scheduling” Differently

The perfect schedule, then, is not much of a schedule.

It is a schedule, or at least a task list for the day, that is prioritized down to one or two things. The things you really must
get done to get on with whatever you must get on with.

And space in between where you have time to get on with whatever also needs doing.

Because it comes up and should be made a priority.
Because you want to also do that, or at least want to get it out of the way.
Because some things just need doing.
Because the time has come.

Habits to anchor a day are nice.
But so is time to react and act like a decent human being, outside of a schedule.

Or are you really going to tell your partner or children that you cannot make time for them now?
Let chances go to waste because they didn’t fit your plan?


Schedule for time and serendipity alongside a life-supporting structure, but not to put yourself into a cage of your own making.

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